out of the box chicken nuggets

by gurumommy on July 13, 2010

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Now that I am with only a 4.5 year old for a few weeks while big kids are at sleepaway camp, I have all the time in the world (haha!) to focus on her needs!  Sadly they are for chicken nuggets just about every night! So I decided to finally find a recipe to make some healthy (and hopefully edible) nuggets for her to enjoy!  I found this recipe on the cool site, tastebudding.com.


*2 lbs organic boneless skinless chicken breasts
*1 tsp sea salt 
* 1/4 tsp garlic powder
* 1/2 tsp parsley flakes
* 1/2 tsp dried oregano
* 1/4 tsp onion powder
* 1/4 tsp pepper
* 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
* 1/2 cup all purpose flour
* 1/4 tsp paprika
* 2 eggs beaten
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
* Cut chicken into large pieces.
* Place chicken pieces in food processor and pulse until ground fine.
* Transfer chicken to large bowl and mix in sea salt, garlic powder, parsley flakes, onion powder and pepper.
* Coat broiler pan with non-stick cooking spray or olive oil 
* Mix flours and paprika onto plate. In separate bowl/plate, beat eggs. 
* Roll chicken into small golf ball sized balls (approximately 25-30 balls) 
* Roll each ball into flour, then egg, then flour.
* Press each ball into rectangular “nugget” shape (or using cookie cutter cut into shape of choice)
* Place nugget on broiler pan.
* Drizzle olive oil over the nuggets. (nugget does not need to be completely coated)
* Bake nuggets for 15 minutes. Turn nuggets over, drizzle other side with olive oil, and bake an additional 10 minutes or until browned.To

Freeze & Reheat: 
Let nuggets come to room temperature, then place in plastic freezer bag and freeze. 
Nuggets can remain in freezer for up to 3 months.
 Preheat oven or toaster oven to 350 degrees. 
 Bake nuggets for 15 minutes.

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