Tick Checks, Bug Spray and Antiobiotics: Summer in the Age of Lyme

by gurumommy on July 23, 2013

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lyme_disease_alertYears of tick checks and antibiotics have made me more immune then the average person to the threat of Lyme Disease, but reading this article reminds me to keep on checking (myself & my kids).  Hope Reeves writes about the threat and treatment in the NY Times/Motherlode blog about ‘Tick Checks, Bug Spray and Antibiotics:  Summer in the Age of Lyme’, She writes:    ‘I live on Block Island most summers, a small sea-swept island 13 miles off the Rhode Island coast. Every season, Lyme disease cripples the community here, as it does in many wooded Northeastern towns, but I’ve never seen it as epidemic – and as controversial – as it is this year. Never have I heard so many friends, acquaintances and strangers complain of being laid low by the disease. My neighbor one house down was just released from the hospital with a serious case, a friend’s son had it twice this spring, and my mother’s dog was just diagnosed with its third case in two years. (In fact, I just finished mashing doxycycline pills into a bowl of Alpo, a highly unpleasant task, but it’s the only way I can get the dog to take its medicine.)


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