Adorable, Bewildered Parents Learning Big Life Lessons From Bawling Tots

by gurumommy on September 27, 2011

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This funny article in the NY Times Magazine about how new parents (and parents in general) are finally being portrayed realistically on tv made me laugh (and only made me love ‘Modern Family’ all that much more as the funniest, most realistic portrayal of family on tv, EVER!)
Heather Havrilesky writes that: “It probably makes sense that those of us who grew up on the willful cheer of ‘The Brady Bunch’ would eventually replace all of that sugary, self-assured wisdom with insecurity and dread…And given how obsessed our generation is with parenting, it’s odd that we’re so bad at converting our obsession into TV that’s genuinely funny….Most of all, the nagging question that arises when watching one of these (new) shows is: What is wrong with us? Why were our parents so much more self-assured about parenting then we are? For one thing, the culture of parenting was much less apprehensive back then. We don’t need the Top 10 ‘Shut Up and Go to Your Room’ scenes from “Mad Men’ to remind us of that. Our parents could guitlessly let us eat Sugar Corn Pops in front of the TV set, and never flinch while calling the 10-year-old next store to baby-sit for us…the real crime of today’s family comedy may be the way it separates parents into two distinct camps: the perfectionist and the slackers. In truth, most parents are an unsteady mix of overachiever and underachiever, idealist and pragmatist, valiant hero and lazy jerk. “Modern Family’ Captures this complexity the show illustrates so well, every parent is conflicted and imperfect.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

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