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by gurumommy on July 5, 2011

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This article on Motherlode sparked my interest after we sat at dinner discussing the question of whether it is ok (and appropriate) to travel like our parents did? Them up in first class with us in coach in the back? We never said a word about it but when we mentioned doing the same with our kids our friends were somewhat shocked! Really?? So here it is over Twitter, that the CEO of Malaysia Airlines announced that  ‘infants will not be allowed up front when the airline introduces its new Airbus A380 aircraft next year. The airline already has such a ban on its 747-400 fleet.’  Shocking? Not so much if you travel for business and need those prime sleep hours uninterrupted.

He  has been tweeting back and forth with passengers over the past few days. He is alternately answering questions, fielding criticism, and accepting thanks. “We already hand out noise canx headphones in 1st class,” one of his messages said. “They don’t work so well for babies crying.”

The decision was prompted by passenger complaints, he says, and by the logistical problem of finding room for changing tables in first class lavatories.

He assures parents that children 2 and older will be welcome anywhere on the plane. And that infants can still travel Business Class.

About time? Or time to boycott Malaysia Airlines?

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