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by gurumommy on June 1, 2010

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Style is about mixing and matching compelling accent pieces, not piling on expensive brand names. Amy Tara Koch’s inspiring book,  BUMP IT UP:TRANSFORMING YOUR PREGNANCY INTO THE ULTIMATE STYLE STATEMENT, shows moms how to maintain style during the difficult body changes pregnancy offers!  THE UNIFORM, ADD ONS and WOW FACTOR- which fine tunes the editorial concept of garment rotation for pregnancy.

I recently had a chance to chat with Amy to get her ‘must have’s for pregnant woman to add flair, fashion & fun to their wardrobe.
Here are Amy’s best bets:
SCARVES & SHAWLS: Scarves are the ultimate layering piece. From wide linen or cotton scarves to long, gauzy numbers, scarves are a colorful style element that build up a basic.  Aside from adding color and contrast, these genius accessories create verticality and camouflages a bulging belly as they flow elegantly over the midsection.
BAGS: A large statement making tote packs preggo punch. Why? the sheer size balances out your proportion and transports your daily quota of snacks
SHOES:  A heel visually lengthens your silhouette and balances out your tummy enhanced proportion. You don’t need five inch stilettos. But, height will balance out the bulge, elongate your body and ad d that soupcon of glamour that transforms dumpy to diva.
BELTS Pregnancy is the optimal time to discover the joys of belting. If you have a yen for fashion, you will notice that, on the runway, designers use belts to express “directionality”, or, mood of their collection. Skinny belts feel demure. Chain belts feel sporty. Thicker belts reflect a harder edge. A macramé or leather tie belt screams Boho. Aside from being decorative, belts are a functional style element that can make or break a look.  A flashy belt below the belly is a way to draw attention to your sumptuous bump and away from other areas that you may not be so fond of at the moment. A stretchy belt can be used below the bra line to create an empire waist. And, a thin leather belt can be added over a cardigan to add polish.
JEWELRY: Baubles are the easiest way to make a basic outfit pop. Eclectic accents-think a bunch of Indian bangles, a chain belt, cool Tibetan pendants, adds a provocative element to your look. A vintage magnifying glass dangling from a belly button length gold chain electrify that simple black dress and cardigan A chocolate brown wrap dress becomes an IT GIRL ensemble with onyx beads, a knuckle duster of a cocktail ring, fish nets over opaque tights and black boots. Black and white M&M shaped beads and a fringed lime green shawl give the black sweater and pencil runway appeal. For a soupcon of le snob, don an armful of candy colored Hermes (or a flea market knockoff) bangles.

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