Can I Bring My Kids?

by gurumommy on May 21, 2013

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images I read this article recently in the NY Times Motherlode blog, ‘Can I Bring My Kids?’ Interesting, as we are all trained early on to separate work & kids and that we should do everything BUT ask this question. Charlotte Crane and Ruchi Gupta discuss how the world has changed for working parents who sometimes need to bring their children along.  Dr. Gupta writes:  I asked (Can I bring my kids) when a television producer called and invited me to discuss allergies (which is my area of expertise) on air, on a Saturday morning. The problem: my husband would be at work, in a job (surgery) in which the kids could not tag along. So I asked. The answer was yes. My 10-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl thought the experience was so cool – with all the cameras and the complex knobs of the control room – that for a moment they even thought their mother was cool. It was good for them, for me, for our relationship. Perhaps most important, it was good for the world in which we all work, which must accommodate the fact that most professionals today are trying to manage many different responsibilities at the same time.  My friend and Northwestern University colleague Charlotte Crane tells me that she would have never asked such a question during her child-rearing days; for her career’s sake, she felt it necessary to hide the fact that she had a life beyond work. But today, 70 percent of children are growing up in households in which all adults are in the work force. For half of today’s American families, mothers are the primary breadwinners. While we work, who’s watching the kids?


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