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by gurumommy on April 19, 2011

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Because I know that your kids are NEVER to old to develop a sleep issue, when my 5 year old started to wake 2 – 3 times a night, I panicked!  Up in the middle of the night again, no longer able to go right back to sleep like in the old days when I had a baby, my mind raced trying to remember how to ferberize, sleep train and the baby whisperer.  Have no fear, the old methods still work and I found this article about sleep consultants at about 3:30am that almost made me pick up the phone myself!  But then I remembered that I am not a new parent and I do not need to spend money to be told that I need a consistent plan.  There is not magic, just good old fashioned discipline (not just my child, but mine as well!) works every time.  Deborah Netborn writes in the LA Times:  Sleep consultant and “new parent mentor” Vonda Dennis’ clients like to say that she carries magic pixie dust in her pockets. How else to explain a screaming baby so quickly settling to sleep in her arms? But Dennis says a lot of what she does to quiet a baby is simply common sense. “Most of what I tell my clients sounds really reasonable, and a lot of it is basic logic that parents have, but just aren’t pulling from,” she said.
In her postnatal mentoring sessions, Dennis focuses on “Believing in Yourself” and “Instinct Training” as well as sleep training and relaxation. The goal, she said, is “not so much training the babies, but training the parents.For parents who have lost their way, sleep consultants — whose services generally run $200 to $800 — function in the same way as business consultants. They serve as trusted and experienced third-party experts who take time to learn the specifics of a family’s particular situation and then create a customized plan.

This remains just as true for a 5 year old as a 6 month old, common sense, AND ‘the key to their success is devising a plan that parents will stick with, and then holding their hand through the tough times.
Jill Spivak from Sleepy Planet says: ” at least 50% of any case with sleep has to do with the parents’ comfort level with staying consistent with the plan.”

So when I go to bed tonight I will remind myself that no matter how tired and cranky I am if and when my daughter comes in my room telling me she can’t sleep I will walk her back to her room each and every time until she stops coming in my room altogether!


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