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by gurumommy on June 28, 2010

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A big gurumommy welcome back to Dr. Larry Kagan of Westside Pediatrics (310-979-7337, www.wspeds.net).  Today Dr. Kagan reminds us how important it is to make sure your new crib (or borrowed or using at grandparents house) is safe.  Here are 8 important questions to ask before using a crib:

1.  How old is your crib?  Heirloom cribs, while attractive, may not meet today’s rigorous safety standards.  For example, lead based paints were not banned until 1977.  Ingested paint chips can result in serious neurologic impairment.  If you have concerns, your local hardware store carries simple to use lead test kits.

2.  Babies should sleep on their back on a firm tight fitting mattress with a fitted bottom sheet to reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome.

3.  Babies love to look out from their crib and will instinctively face away from the wall.  Alternating the “head of the bed” nightly will help avoid positional plagiocephaly (irregular skull shape).

4.  Securely tied padded bumpers are great for infants, but should be removed once your toddler can stand as it can become their first step towards a nasty fall.

5.  Children should be transitioned to a toddler bed when their standing nipple height is at or above the top of the lowest wall of the crib.

6.  Many parents use crib tents with great success to delay the inevitable challenges of bed training their toddler. It should be noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics consider bed tents dangerous as they may delay access to your toddler in the event of a fire.

7.  Never place your crib or anything climbable in front of a window and always lock windows beyond a child’s reach.  Adventurous toddlers love to climb and can find their way out the window when you least expect it.

8.  Don’t let your little ones get “caught up” in blind cords or drapes.  Remove or elevate them to prevent strangulation.

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