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by gurumommy on November 30, 2010

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I finally had one of my earring holes sewn up by my dermatologist,  and now that I did it I realize that I know tons of people who have the same problem, stretched out earring holes in danger of ripping all the way through (from heavy earrings or earrings that have gotten caught on something and pulled out one too many times).   It was a good thing I did it before it had ripped all the way through, which would have taken a bit more work, pain and healing.  Once the closed-up hole healed (6 weeks) I didn’t want to go to the local mall and have my ear re-pierced so I did some research and found a great doctor (Dr. Sharon Wollaston) to do it for me at my house with Blomdahl, a medical ear piercing system that is assured to be safer and sterile.  Dr. Wallaston is a peditrician by specialty and has been doing children’s ear piercing for years.

Dr. Sharon Wollaston (swollastonmd@gmail.com 818.522.7763) is a board certified pediatrician practicing in Pasadena. She received her medical degree from New York Medical College and completed her residency at Children Hospital Los Angeles. After her residency, she continued to work at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles as a chief resident. She has been ear piercing for more than 10 years in her medical practice. She uses the Blomdahl Medical Ear piercing system. To ensure the utmost safety, the Blomdahl system is available only through physicians. The earrings are all in their own sterile cassettes and they are made of titanium which is the most hypoallergenic metal available. She also offers topical numbing to ease the discomfort and make the child’s ear piercing experience much more comfortable. Now for the months of December & January Dr. Wallaston is offering Gurumommy readers an exclusive deal on ear piercings at home ($60) just mention Gurumommy when you call!

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