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by gurumommy on July 6, 2010

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Let’s give a big gurumommy welcome to our newest expert, Misti Gueron a Registered Dietitian (, 310-460-6478) and her gurumommy column, ‘food and family’.  Misti has a thriving private practice specializing in maternal, infant, child and adolescent nutrition as well as eating disorders.  Today Misti answers the question:  ‘what DOES feeding a healthy family mean in today’s world?’:

Eat home? Yes, try to have at least 2 family meals per week at home served around your dinner table.  Research shows that kids who partake in consistent family meal times are less likely to do drugs and are more likely to scholastically excel. Skip the frozen meal behind the tv!

Eat out? Yes, when circumstances play in favor of eating out choose healthy restaurants and order as if you were cooking for your family. Research shows that meal out are often double the calories and triple the fat. Skip the emotional indulgences unless it is your birthday!

Eat green? Yes, when possible choose “whole” foods in their natural form that are locally grown and require some preparation such as cutting, mixing and cooking. Research shows that eating whole foods can help sustain our environment. Skip the premade packaged choices!

Eat on the run? Yes, sometimes we have to take our meal “to go” especially breakfast when mornings are hectic and schedules run overtime. Quick mini meals like a yogurt cup with a baggie of granola or a scrambled egg sandwich travel well.  Research shows that missing breakfast can lead to poor concentration in school (or work) and unhealthy choices later in the day! Skip, skipping breakfast and choose it fast!

Vacation with the kids? Yes, active family vacations keep the focus on the activities and not the food.  Research shows that those kids who are active early in life have a greater tendency to make activity a part of their life long term. Skip the vacation that will increase your belt size!

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