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by gurumommy on April 11, 2010

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Welcome again to Betsy Brown Braun, founder of Parenting Pathways, who is a child development and behavior specialist, parent educator and best-selling author of ‘Just Tell Me What To Say’.  I caught up with Betsy recently to interview her about the consulting services she provides to parents who are beginning their elementary school (Kindergarten) search.   Betsy gave me 3 pieces of advice that she she share with parents. (For more information, contact Betsy directly through her website 

1. Look for an elementary school that is a match for both your child AND for your family.  Often families are attracted to a specific school more for themselves (or because of things they have heard) then for their child OR the reverse. A school needs to be a fit for the child and for the family, as it will be your child’s home away from home as well as a big part of your own world for many years.  Betsy recommends looking at the school philosophy, the location, and the school culture—that is defined in large part by the families who attend.  You need to speak the language or be willing to learn it!
2. Public school CAN BE a great option.  Betsy feels that too often parents don’t consider public school if perhaps they don’t have many friends going that route or if their preschool seems to direct families to certain private schools.  She aims to educate parents about both public & private school options in their area, always stressing the word “options.”
3.  Whatever you may choose, public or private school, this school may not be the right option for ALL your children.  Each child in a family needs to be viewed as an individual. Be prepared for the reality that one school, public or private, may not be a good fit for all children in a family.

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