finding their passion….really?

by gurumommy on June 4, 2013

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imagesLove this article, love the author too:)  Betsey Brown Braun recently wrote for HuffPost this funny article about kids ‘finding their passion’, read it and have a laugh!  She writes:  ‘I just may lose my cookies if I hear another comment about a child needing to “find his passion.” The latest one came from the mother of a 9 year old. Disenchanted with the local public school, her daughter was applying to a competitive private school. She was convinced that the only way this child would win one of the coveted spots would be by demonstrating that she had developed passion about something, anything. The problem was that this little girl loved it all. The mother complained, “She hasn’t narrowed down her interests like other kids have.” Are you kidding? That’s what I call a good problem. She was serious. One of the key components in the new sport of Competitive Child Raising seems to be the misguided notion that children tween-age and even younger are supposed to know their calling. (Assuming that the child will live well into his 80′s, that means the flame of passion is supposed to last for 70 years, by the way.) And I am not sure who is more stressed by this search, the parent or the child.


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