Five Ways to Update Your Closet and Wardrobe

by gurumommy on May 24, 2011

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I recently had a chance to sit down with my friend, Jill Bronstein a fabulous stylist & fashion forward mommy who helps busy moms organize their wardrobes through purging the old & organizing and shopping for the new.  I asked Jill for 5 steps to updating my closet & wardrobe (because lets face it, any more then 5 steps will require me to take a nap first!)  Here’s Jill’s tips, she can be reached for your very own ‘stylista’ consulatations at (ps this photo is Jenna Lyons from J Crew as featured in Elle Decor, it just makes me happy so I thought I’d include it for inspiration!)

1. Purge:   The first step is to evaluate your clothing. If you haven’t worn a particular item for a year or more, ask yourself why? Is it outdated, doesn’t fit properly, can’t style it to wear with other things you own? Either re-imagine it or get rid of it!

2. Organize: Arrange your clothes by category, color and length. Keep your dresses, skirts, pants, and tops separately by category and arrange them by color from light to dark, left to right and sleeveless to long sleeved, for example. Arrange your shoes in a similar fashion, and always keep them visible.

3. Make a list:  To avoid buying items you already have or don’t really need, keep a wish list. If you aren’t up on the season’s must haves, glance through fashion magazines or blogs for inspiration. Look for ideas that fit your taste, figure and lifestyle.

4. Shop:  Okay, this is the fun part for most women… When shopping, focus on buying a few updated basics that you can mix and match into different outfits – you would be surprised how far a great pair of jeans, a blazer, basic tees and a pair of wedges can get you in Los Angeles. Personal accents come from cute tops, jewelry and scarves to accessorize with.

5. Take Photos:  Once you’ve edited your new closet, arrange a few different outfits you like on a flat surface in your house and take photographs with your camera or iPhoneœ. This way, you will have a catalogue of looks to choose from when feeling rushed or flustered.

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