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by gurumommy on February 8, 2011

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A favorite writer of gurumommy, Lisa Belkin, writes the Motherlode column in the NY Times, this week she quotes a study in the NY Times finding that working parents have 90 minutes to themselves a day, that’s a measly 1 hour and a half per day!

She writes that: ‘The Co-operative supermarket chain polled 3000 customers and found that after everything else was subtracted, working parents have 90 minutes a day “to themselves.”The poll breaks down the average day as follows:

Get up                                                           6:42am
Get ready (shower, dress, coffee)           55 minutes
Get children ready                                     47 minutes
Commute to work                                      52 minutes
Working day                                                 7 hours
Pick children up                                         33 minutes
Makes / eat dinner                                    46 minutes
Children’s play and bedtime                    1 hour 9 minutes
Household chores                                      1 hour 13 minutes
Work from home                                        1 hour 12 minutes
Go to bed                                                      10:45pm
Spare time                                                   1hour 30 minutes a day

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