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by gurumommy on December 14, 2010

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Gel nail polish, yes or no?? For all my readers who have been asking, yes I have now tried both OPI Axxium Gels and Harmony Gelish.  Both suggest that they can last up to 3 weeks plus, although they do start to lift a bit at the nail bed as your nails grow and both are becoming available at just about every salon in L.A.  The only downside is the removal.  You have to go back to the salon and have them removed no matter now tempting it is to peel them off yourself.  The first system I tried was the OPI because I recognized the colors (which are a limited selection of the OPI colors we all know and love).  The OPI Axxium system applies more like Acrylic with a separate brush. They do the base gel, 2 or 3 layers of the color and then the top gel layer. After each layer is applied, you put your nails under the UV lamps.  They seriously dry in under 2 minutes, I could open my wallet, get my keys with absolutely no smudging!

The Harmony Gelish is the other popular system (it seems random as to which system a particular salon is using, some even combine the 2 systems). The Harmony Gelish is much easier to apply. Everything is applied like a regular nail polish. The base, the color (2 layers) and the top gel coat with your nails under the UV lamp after each layer.


1. Always go darker with the colors you choose, they go on rather light and you will need 2 coats to get close to the color on the label.

2. Prices fluctuate depending upon the salon you visit, ranging from $35-$55 around the Westside.

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