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by gurumommy on February 26, 2013

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imagesThis great article in the NY Times Motherlode Blog about Go Mighty, a Website, group blog and brainchild of Maggie Mason, aided and abetted by Laura Mayes, Sarah Bryden-Brown, and Amber Doty. Go Mighty “is for people who want to connect and collaborate to do something good for themselves and others” and its focus is on the life list: goals (Get a passport. Drive a race car. Start a Web site preserving the history of Appalachian churches) set, achieved and adjusted over time. KJ Dell’Antonia writes about the events leading up to her finding Go Mighty:

‘Every school vacation reminds me that that which you do not set out to do, rarely gets done, while that which makes itself readily available to you expands to fit all the time you have and then some.

Which is a really fancy way of saying that if we don’t choose something to do and set out to do it, what we’re invariably left with at the end of winter break, spring break or even summer vacation are memories of too much television and the day someone discovered that with multiple iDevices, everyone could somehow play Minecraft all together.

This isn’t in itself a bad thing – it’s good to spend some time just roaming the house aimlessly and squabbling with your siblings. But there are moments when I envision all of our time together as a family – all of the years living together under one roof – just getting piddled away in a pile of Disney sitcoms and pizza boxes, and that’s when I start thinking about things like life lists, goals and master plans – for my family, and for myself. Because I have become, in the rush of life, someone who spends most of her time responding to things instead of setting goals and moving toward them, and I don’t like the result. (cool huh?, check out Go Mighty)


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