It’s elementary-how to be successful in elementary school

by gurumommy on June 21, 2010

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Welcome back to Josie Bahedry & her gurumommy column “It’s Elementary”.  This week Josie writes about how to be successful in elementary school.  If there was a magic wand you could wave over your child to help ensure a successful journey in elementary school and beyond wouldn’t you wave it? A recent study by University of Nevada sociologists may prove to be the abracadabra moment that all parents and teachers long for. The spell does not include a list of bizarre ingredients, like eye of newt and toe of frog.  As in all good magic it is the simplicity of the spell that counts. Twenty years of data on 73,000 people in 27 countries, including the U.S., means that this is not some haphazard muttering over a cauldron but information that should make us all sit up and take notice. In a nutshell the study found that one of the strongest indicators that influences a child’s level of education is not, as was previously thought, the level of the parents education, but the number of books in the home. The more books present the greater the educational benefit. Mariah Evans unlocks this spellbinding data in an article that can be found at So during this long lazy summer start waving that wand and fill your home with books. It’s elementary!

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