Jennifer Garner – I Am A More Laid Back Parent Now That I Have Three Children

by gurumommy on August 21, 2012

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Anyone who knows me and my family knows why I want to write a book entitled ‘raise your 1st child like a 3rd child’ or something like that!  I just haven’t been able to get around to actually writing it, in the meantime, Jennifer Garner seems to have figured out the same thing!  She was quoted recently by Lisa Belkin in Huff Post, saying:  With my first child, I was… just obsessively trying to make sure (her) child is happy at every moment and control his environment and make sure he has everything he could possibly need, just a little bit neurotic, as many first time moms can be. Then you kind of learn to let go of some of that, that when you are working the hardest sometimes you are making it hardest for your child, and just to let them be a bit…you chill out a bit.

In other words, every child in the family gets a different version of the same parent a little greener, a little wiser, a little more tired, or enthusiastic, or laid back.

This is not new to the age of helicoptering, of course, My sister is clearly the most stable of the three siblings in my family, because, she half jokes, my mother more or less ignored her and let her raise herself. I, in turn, regularly apologize to my oldest for being subject to my learning curve.

So while I had thought of this before, I had never thought of it the way Garner presents it — in terms of the hovering that is emblematic of this latest generation of parents. We tend to paint today’s parents with a broad, often inapplicable brush — they hover, they bubblewrap, they infantalize. But maybe it’s more complicated than that.Is “helicoptering” the way we parent nowadays? Or is it how we parent our older children?  I couldn’t agree more!

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