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by gurumommy on December 6, 2011

in from the desk of

Ok, this site, LE CATCH, started by one of the most stylish LA-based magazine editors (and fellow mom) around, Marlien Rentmeester, is a ‘must’ for anyone looking for the best online shopping aid around!   LE CATCH scours the internet’s best fashion sites every day to source the newest, most desirable, bound-to-sell-out items that are often also ridiculously affordable. Her goal is to find at least one amazing item every day that is so good it would be crazy NOT to buy it.

I recently got to sit down with Marlien, who always has the BEST pieces mixed from the high (Marni, vintage designs) to the low (Zara, Topshop & H&M) that you just want to rip them right off her back.  She told me that she has finally found a way to share her tips with LE CATCH, the ‘get it before its gone’ website.  I don’t know about you but when I walk into Top Shop, Forever 21 & Zara I am completely overwhelmed and don’t know how to find the best pieces amongst the over-stacked shelves & racks.  Marlien has the eye and everytime time I see her I am dying to know where she bought her top, bracelet or jacket and each and every time it is a place that I am overwhelmed to shop at.  Check out LE CATCH daily for her tips on which pieces are the ‘must haves’ all over the internet.  You will thank me (and LE CATCH) when you wear your first piece and someone asks ‘where did you get that?’!  Enjoy!

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