Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations

by gurumommy on May 17, 2010

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I recently got to sit down with Jane Buckingham, author of modern girl guides, the newest of which was just published, “Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations”.  Jane told me one of the ‘stickiest situations’ she’s heard about is what should you do if you find out your best friends husband is cheating on her? 
This is never easy, not for you, your friend, or even the cheating, slimy guy (although at that moment it’s pretty hard to muster any sympathy for monsieur philanderer…). This isn’t a little something you can let slip by (like when your friend got an awful haircut and you told her she never looked better!). She deserves to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But not from you. The old adage of shooting the messenger has never been more true. You didn’t make this mess,and you’ll have a hard enough time trying to pick up the broken pieces so don’t be the one to have to deliver the bad news. Instead tell the dastardly devil that he has 48 hours to tell your friend. If not, YOU will (trust me, he WONT want that). And warn him that he shouldn’t sugar coat. Time to fess up full on!
Is this always the case?
Well, there is one RARE exception. If you are 100% certain; and I mean 100% sure, that your friend knows about her mate’s Big Love lifestyle and has, for whatever reason chosen to look the other way, then so should you. Instead try to see if there is a way to care for your friend in other ways, and support her needs to see why she would tolerate such a situation.

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