Mom who goes on strike!

by gurumommy on October 23, 2012

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Jessica Stilwell has lived every mother’s fantasy. She went on strike. For six days the mother of three girls — 12-year-old twins and their 10-year-old sister — did no “picking up, tidying, washing, cleaning, clearing, reminding or nagging.” Lisa Belkin writes for HUFF POST that:  ‘The results will make you want to pump your fists and do a solidarity dance. They will also make you gag.n the end, what did Stilwell gain? That’s not the right question, she says. She’d prefer to ask what did her children gain? What did she give them?  “I want to give them the world,” she wrote in a post this morning. “But… I realized I was doing my own children a dis-service. I was setting them up for failure.” It was eye-opening, she say, to see how much of what she did for her children — because she didn’t want to argue with them, or because it was faster and simpler to do it herself — were things that they could be — should be — doing on their own. “I fear we are raising a generation of young people whose attitudes will be ‘What are you going to do for me?’ ” she wrote.  Going on strike was one way to save them.

And from now on? This morning, she reports, “they each rinsed their breakfast dishes and put them in the dishwasher. There are three clean, empty lunch kits on the shelf where they belong.” Lest you think all is perfect, though, know that there was also “a sweater left on my couch and a dirty pair of socks on the stairs.”

Could you go on strike? Who would “break” first, you or your kids?

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