No City For Little Boys

by gurumommy on April 23, 2013

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This article about how New York City is ‘No City For Little Boys’ made me laugh (even though I don’t have a boy, I do have a 7-year old with ‘AITP’!)  Andrew Cotto writes that ‘ATIP’ stands for “Ants in the Pants.”  He writes that:  They are, for the most part, restless little fellows with a tough time keeping still. Unofficially, they need to be told an average of 3.7 times to do something before it registers and 5.2 times before they comply. And these are not the many boys with the official acronyms from official assessments. This is pretty much all of them, and although many girls seem to find it easier, some have the same problem.We live in New York City by choice. The idea was that it would be an informative experience for our children. City kids are hip and cultured and privileged to a purview that inspires worldliness. For the most part, I agree with those points, but I’m starting to think that, ultimately, this is not the best place for little boys to be raised.


As an English instructor in various capacities, I’m exposed to many of the city’s youth, from middle school through college. I’ve always been struck by the gender inequality in the middle school classrooms I visit. The girls are just (in general, and with exceptions) notably better students and better behaved. After years of teaching and now parenting, I’m less surprised by the glaring lack of men in my college classrooms. I only need to look at my own 6-year-old son for an explanation.



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