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by gurumommy on September 13, 2011

in from the desk of

Jill Kargman, my own personal fav ‘chick lit’ author has co-authored a kids book with her daughter, 6- year old Sadie about the gender divide that begins as young as pre-school.  Jill  tells us that her  ‘children’s book coming out September 15th called PIRATES AND PRINCESSES, is based on her (daughter’s) preschool class war between the boys and girls. Because of her “divisive behavior,” her teacher recommended a storybook with opposite gender rodents fighting over cheese and she didn’t really go for The Lesson aspect of it.’ Instead, Jill & Sadie wrote their own tale for parent reader day, the result is coming out this week!  Talk about making a great impression on your kids, if you can’t find a book that teaches you about the boy/girl divide in preschool, write it yourself!  Go Sadie (& Jill!)  Preorder on Amazon today.

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