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by gurumommy on January 22, 2013

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I guess I’m not the only one cursing Valentines Day!  3 kids=100+ school Valentines cards!  Anyway, KJ Dell’Antonia of NY Times Blog, Motherlode  wrote the funniest article last year about rebelling against school Valentines Day:

 ’I actually love Valentine’s Day. The sight of pink and purple construction-paper hearts makes me smile, and I always appreciate a good red-sprinkle cupcake, not to mention the always-present possibility that someone will give me chocolate. But the 90-plus Valentine’s cards my four children are expected to produce between now and next Tuesday? Somehow, the prospect fills me with something less than heartfelt joy.

I can see the value of requiring inclusion in a second-grade class of future mean girls. But I just don’t believe that their 3- and 4-year-old classmates will be crushed if they don’t each receive a cut-out red heart with my child’s name scrawled on it. Because this school’s etiquette forbids personally addressing each card (with 24 children per classroom, that would mean 24 children crisscrossing the cloakroom all morning), the whole process is fairly impersonal. Invariably, as I push the most reluctant of the two into writing her name those last 12 times, the spirit really goes out of the whole thing.  And if I just give in and buy them a roll of Smarties to tape to each heart, and sit down and help a little with the counting and the cutting, I’ll have happy valentine makers at the table, mostly filled with enthusiasm for giving (even if it is a little on the assembly-line side). They’ll be able to grab their friends after school and say “find mine!” with excitement. And they’ll have earned, in some weird way, those bags full of “Be Mine” and cupid’s arrows and chocolate kisses.

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