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by gurumommy on August 9, 2010

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It’s a mistake even the chicest of us has made – spending a fortune on ‘to die for’ clothing and accessories that seemed like a good idea at the time, only to have them make it out of our closets just a handful of times, or even worse – never.  Recently I had a chance to sit down and chat with Dana Weinrot, from  Refresh Your Closet ( where she turns these fashion mistakes into newfound money in your pocket! Dana suggest these 5 tips for ‘Re-Freshing’ your closet:

1.     If you have not worn it or used it in a year, you probably will not be coming back to it.

2.    If you have tried on an item in your closet that you think you love but it never seems to work out, I promise you, you won’t ever be wearing it… so get some money back for it.

3.    Keep a bag in your closet and every time you are getting dressed, if you come across items you no longer can look at, put the items in the bag. When the bag is full, call DANA!

4.    Get in the habit of buying items to re-sell. Consider it “RENTING”  buy an item, use it and get rid of it within 3 months.

Re-Fresh is  an Internet-based consigner of luxury accessories and apparel.  Based in Los Angeles, Re-Fresh has become THE destination for many top celebrities, studio execs, stylists and other fashionistas as a way to sell a plethora of high-end designer handbags, shoes, clothing, etc.  For those clients based in New York and other cities across the country, Re-Fresh offers easy complimentary shipping for the goods they’re looking to sell., 310-441-9412,

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