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by gurumommy on April 9, 2013

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mag-article-largeThe ‘tablet for kids’ topic won’t go away!  Leslie Hendry for HuffPost, comments on this month’s Atlantic cover story, “The Touch-Screen Generation” Hanna Rosin writes about the alarming transformation of the American childhood in short time, parents worries over the quantity and quality of screen time, and an overview of the research to date on young kids and screen time.

Because the tablet industry is so young, little has been studied or published that supports the notion that the iPad makes kids smarter. Ever since the 1999 American Academy of Pediatrics discouraged television viewing for children younger than two, stating the age group’s critical need for “direct interaction with parents” and others, we’ve been left with the impression that screen time is bad.

It’s certain that technology is not going away so how do parents maneuver the iPad and the apps hermetic to tablets? Sandra Calvert, the director at the Children’s Media Center at Georgetown University, is researching whether toddlers learn from iPads. She says in The Atlantic, “children’s lives are filled with media at younger and younger ages, and we need to take advantage of what these technologies have to offer.”

Many apps are categorized as “educational” but Rosin finds through her discussions with kid app developers like the successful Toca Boca’s Bjorn Jeffery that “every part of a child’s life can’t be held up to that (educational) standard. Is running around on the lawn educational?” He makes a good point.

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