Ways “Sex and the City” Would be Different If It Were On TV Now!

by gurumommy on June 19, 2012

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This is just funny!  Buzzfeed published an article entitled:  28 Ways “Sex And The City” Would Be Different If It Were On TV Now!  Sex and the City premiered on HBO exactly 14 years ago. Whew, makes you feel old!  But so true and so hilarious how different the show would be today. Just what would the fab four be doing with themselves if the show were still on? Here are my favorites from the list:

  1. 1. Carrie would date a guy who worked at a tech start-up.
  2. 2. They would eat Pinkberry instead of Tasti-D.
  3. 3. Carrie would write for Vogue.com instead of “Vogue.”
  4. 4. Carrie would refuse to give up her BlackBerry while all her friends make fun of her for not having an iPhone.
  5. Instead of breaking up with Carrie via Post-It, Burger would have broken up with her over Gchat.
  6. Charlotte would have gotten all the ladies to try a juice fast.
  7. Charlotte would have met Harry on JDate.
  8. Charlotte’s preferred exercise class would involve a bar.
  9. Samantha would read “50 Shades of Grey” and decide it’s hardly raunchy or scandalous at all.
  10. Instead of writing a weekly column for the “New York Star,” Carrie would be a blogger.

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