working from home: the fantasy vs. the reality

by gurumommy on March 12, 2013

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2013-03-08-WorkHomeMomThere’s been lots of drama recently about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and her decision to bring all the Yahoo employees out of their at-home locations and back into the office, this article from Huffpost written by Brittany Gibbons, entitled “working from home: the fantasy vs. the reality” may dispel any dreamy connotations and expose the sometimes (OK, often) dirty, unshowered underbelly of working from home vs. from an office:

Reality: There is very little human interaction.

Fantasy: You can drink on the job.

Reality: You might start to resent your partner.

Fantasy: You save money

Reality: You don’t get to clock out.

Fantasy: Being your own boss is awesome.

Fantasy: You get to be home with your kids.


Here’s the ugly truth: We spend less time with our kids working from home than we did working in an office. OK wait, let us clarify that. We spend less quality time with our kids. Yes, we’re physically home with our children, but mentally, we’re checked out and working. And let us assure you, it’s not fun explaining to your kid why you can’t play with them, or having them associate time with you as time you spend always at your computer, or scrolling through your phone or circling around the block one more time and tossing fruit snacks at them so you can finish up a conference call in peace and quiet. In the end, you tell yourself it’s worth it, that you do what you have to do, and that it is, very much, an amazing privilege to be home. Because it is. But, the stress and guilt and responsibility are there, and  most times, it feels like crap!


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