800 degrees

by gurumommy on February 14, 2012

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I should have posted this 2 weeks ago but been so bogged down in hotpicks, so many new places, so little time!  Anyway, here it is, 800 Degrees Pizza, my family LOVES  this place. Just opened in Westwood and already lines down the block. If owner, Adam Fleischman (of Umami burger fame), is trying to takeover Westwood,  he’s made a good start of it with 800 Degrees.  Upon entering there is a long counter where you choose from dozens of toppings (‘just like Subway’ my kids said’ but so much yummier to be sure!).  800 Degrees has just about every topping you can think of, you start with your basic pizzas, either Margherita, Bianca or Marinara and you quickly add on everything from rocotta cheese to meatballs and they have a KIDS SIZED pizza starting at $5.00!

10889 Lindbrook Drive
Los Angeles, 424-239-5010  website

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