Ringya smartphone app

by gurumommy on October 30, 2012

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This Iphone App, Ringya, (also available for Android) is really cool and super helpful.  It literally takes all your ‘hard-copy’ contact lists (class lists, baby groups, work contacts, sport teams, etc.) and transforms them into into organized, sharable, digital lists. Just snap a picture of a paper list or email the app a digital version and…voila…you’ve got it handy on your phone!
With Ringya, you can easily email or text individuals or the entire group, access contact information of anyone in your lists via organized “Rings”, and know who’s calling with contextual caller ID. You can share your lists with other members of the group and when anyone updates contact info, the entire group gets the update.
So clear your fridge and bulletin boards from clutter and put those contact lists at your fingertips so you have everyone’s info when you need it!
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