by gurumommy on February 21, 2012

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When my daughter came home talking about Minecraft and asking to play it, I have to admit I didn’t even know how to spell it to google it at first!  That was a mere 2 weeks ago, and now I know that Minecraft is the latest computer game obsession for kids, it is simply about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine, at night monsters come out and you need to make sure to build a shelter before that happens.  The game must be purchased on minecraft.net (it isn’t playable just online, you need to buy it and download on the computer they want to play it on).  It comes in 2 versions, Beta and Classic, both with single- and multiplayer options. Classic has only the building aspects of the game with unlimited blocks, while Beta includes monsters and a much greater variety of crafting available, as well as requiring players to mine their own blocks.  In English, the Classic is a good start until they get the hang of the game, which builds math & geometry skills along the way.  It makes a great gift, you can buy a gift code to send to a friend.

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