Tracking your kids on Instagram

by gurumommy on May 15, 2012

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Are your kids instagramming (a very cool photo sharing app that has a cute little Polaroid camera for its icon)? You may not realize that they can instagram from any device with WiFi.  Even if you set down the rules:  don’t follow anyone you don’t know, don’t let anyone follow you that you don’t know, is not enough!  You can actually track them on statigram, all you need is their user name and password and you can track all their goings-on.  Plus you can signup for alerts sent directly to your email address telling you everything from their ‘stats’ (how well-viewed their postings are) to when they get messages and comments to their postings.  It may seem overwhelming but instagram is so addictive you will find yourself signing up for your own account to!

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