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tracy anderson brentwood really?

by gurumommy on June 18, 2013

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 BrentwoodPopup_FinalOk, I NEVER do this but I am going to take this weeks gurumommy to ‘rant’ or at least ask a question:  Tracy Anderson Brentwood, really?  I mean I ‘get’ that you have a monthly membership situation going and that to ‘join’ you have to pay $500 just to walk in the door (really?)  BUT I have a gripe with 2 points within your ‘new’ location in Brentwood:  1.  previous clients from wayyyy back in the day from your  Studio City location aren’t ‘grandfathered’ in and have to pay the ‘membership’ fee again (really?) AND 2. new clients can’t even do a ‘trial’ (or walk in the door to check it out) without paying your $500 membership fee (really?) and that’s in addition to your yearly commitment of $600 per month (really?).  I just have to say that in order to entice new clients, maybe you should be a little friendlier when they walk in the door to check things out & acknowledge that old clients from your beginnings in Studio City shouldn’t have to pay the membership fee again?  so REALLY?  That’s all, I feel better to get that off my chest!

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