what is pinterest??

by gurumommy on March 6, 2012

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After ignoring several invites to join pinterest, I finally did and now I am officially obsessed.  Not just with what stuff I like & I ‘pin’ but peeking at stylish people I know and some I don’t know so well and what they ‘pin’.  The basic premise is a simple one, requiring little in the way of time, effort or for that matter innovation. Pinterest takes its cue from the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, which share a certain fundamental ideology with scrapbookers and diarists, all of whom hope, on some level, to cement their presence in an ever-moving world. What I like is that it keeps track of what you like, so say you see a shirt somewhere, shoes somewhere else & a cool bag another place, it keeps track of all your fav new ‘stuff’ until you are ready to buy or not, maybe you see it enough on your page and you get over it?  That’s the question, how much real shopping is going on and how much just ‘oogling’ at what other people want?  For now, it’s just a cool place to check in several times a day to look at cool stuff!

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