Emergency Preparedness

by gurumommy on April 11, 2010

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Cari Butler is a Westside Los Angeles mom whose interest in Emergency Preparedness began when her daughter started pre-school and was required to have a personal emergency kit (which are available on her website, emergencycafe.com, 310-823-6999 featured as a hotpick on gurumommy this week). I asked Cari to give gurumommy readers a list of what to questions to ask in the event of ANY emergency (not just earthquakes):
1. Have a plan, discuss with your husband and kids (if old enough) a plan in the event of an emergency.
2. What items do you NEED in order to evacuate your home in less than 30 minutes?
3. Is there an emergency shelter in your neighborhood?
4. Always keep 1/2 tank of gas in your car.
5. Keep an emergency kit in your house (available through emergencycafe.com ) containing supplies for 3 days (first aid kit, water, emergency food, flashlights etc.)

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