giving disorganized boys the tools for success

by gurumommy on May 24, 2010

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This fascinating article was printed in NY Times a while back (’08) about Ana Homayoun, a tutor who specializes in teaching boys how to become more organized. Although I don’t have boys, nor do I have teenagers, many of the skills she focuses on in her book, ‘That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week’ can work on any age child that has trouble staying organized (and adults!)

The article details that: With girls outperforming boys these days in high school and college, educators have been sparring over whether there is a crisis in the education of boys. Some suggest the need for more single-sex schools, more male role models or new teaching techniques. Others are experimenting with physical changes in classrooms that encourage boys to move around, rather than trying to anchor them to their seats. But as they debate, high-priced tutors and college counselors have jumped into the fray by charging as much as $100 an hour and up to bring boys to heel.The tutors say their main focus is organizational skills because boys seem generally to have more difficulty getting organized and multitasking than girls do.  Read More

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