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by gurumommy on July 13, 2010

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Last week was technically my youngest child’s last day of preschool.  This makes it doubly hard because it’s my last day too, FOREVER!  Now I have 2 others that graduated preschool with much pomp and circumstance, but the third child (as usual) got much less build up for something that is so much more significant, she is OUR last child to go to preschool!! While our preschool is amazing with goodbyes and the kids even come back to school for a month after graduation, it still feels monumental but yet registered barely with my daughter.  She is now off to camp, having said goodbye to her preschool and is moving on easily, that’s a third child for you!  I came across this article on written by Rebecca Woolf in her Straight From the Bottle Column, about her son’s last day of preschool, she totally ‘got it’.

She writes:  Yesterday was technically Archer’s last day of preschool and I sat all day at my desk with poopy-stomach trying to wrap my head around what it means to see him off at a new school, introduce him to a new world with new friends and strangers, teachers… parents.
We’ve been discussing the changes afoot for weeks now. The new school which Archer says he “can’t wait for!” even if it means a whole new set of students, teachers, friends… But when I picked him up from school yesterday, Archer looked angry.
“Ready to go?” I asked.
Archer glared at me and crossed his arms.
“Are you bummed school’s over?” I asked.
“No!” he crossed his arms tighter. “I’m glad it’s over!”
“It’s normal to be a little sad. Saying goodbye to people and places and things is the hardest part of being a human.”
“I’m not sad!” he said, sniffling. “I just want the picture off my cubby!”
“But you’ll be back at school in two weeks so you don’t need to take your picture…We’re doing summer school three days a…”
Moments later we were in full on won’t-get-into-the-car won’t-get-out-of-the-car “no! no! no!” meltdown mode.
Part of me wanted to join him. Instead, I drove home saying nothing, parked the car, went to the freezer and retrieved a box of ice-cream sandwiches, which we then proceeded to dine on, silently brooding.
Several months ago I was on the hunt for summer camps, trying to find some permanent structure for Archer this summer. I can’t exactly take time off in my profession and have a very active dude on my hands so keeping him home all summer long wasn’t an option. After much research I found that summer camps were either far too expensive or too far a drive so we decided to send Archer to “summer school” at his Preschool which begins mid-July.
It seemed like our only option at the time and I was a bit reluctant to send him back to school, once it ended. Of course, now? I’m totally relieved. I think, in a way, so is Archer, who is like me in many ways – more ways than I can even understand sometimes.
Goodbyes are tough and I think for a couple of wildly emotional dudes like ourselves, we need to wean ourselves slowly off the past before we can get excited about the
Feels less overwhelming this way, less emotional.
Easier to stomach. Less ice cream necessary.

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