Lover of family, her blackberry…happy mothers day!!

by gurumommy on May 10, 2010

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This article in Wall Street Journal last week made me laugh! Stephanie Simon writes that: The poem my son wrote me last Mother’s Day hangs above my desk. It makes me smile. And cringe. In painstaking printing, my nine-year-old described me as kind, giving and “goffy” (he meant “goofy”). Then came this: “Lover of family, her blackberry…”Ouch. I know I spend too much time working. But I didn’t know that my little guy noticed. Or rather, I didn’t realize how it looked to him-as though I was so smitten with my BlackBerry that it ranked on par with my wonderful family.If history is any guide, moms everywhere this Sunday will get similar stab-to-the-heart reality checks from the most astute observers of their lives-their children. Read Article Here.

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