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by gurumommy on November 13, 2010

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Unfortunately lice is part of life these days!! I found some great products available online from, plus the website has a ‘how to’ video for extracting those little suckers!  Here’s what you need to know about lice from the experts at nomorenits :

  • Female head lice lay lice eggs.
  • One female louse lays 3-5 eggs a day on the hair shaft.
  • To succeed in eliminating a head lice infestation, one must remove all  eggs/nits and live lice from the hair.
  • The eggs/nits are tear drop shaped, usually brown in color, and are attached to only one side of the hair shaft.
  • Egg/nit look alikes, called hair casts, are the same shape but are white and they surround the hair shaft and are often misdiagnosed as eggs/nits.

Consider the following information when determining how to clean your home, which is essential to be on your way
to being lice free:

  • Using harsh chemicals and pesticides is not a proven treatment and, in our opinion, is not recommended at all.
  • Don’t rely on a product that claims to kill eggs and nits.
  • Lice eggs/nits and live bugs must be removed by hand in conjunction with an all natural treatment.

Good Luck!!

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