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by gurumommy on April 11, 2010

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A big gurumommy welcome to our latest expert, cindy wasson, a personal mentor, with 36 years of experience as an educator & founder/director of a local LA preschool since 1992 (10th Street Preschool, Santa Monica ).  Cindy’s new gurumommy column, ‘preschool corner’, will focus on questions & issues that she has come across running both a toddler program & a preschool.  This week I asked Cindy, as the parent of  both a 4 year old & a 9 year old with a ‘blankie’ is there an age they should be giving it up?

Cindy: 15 years ago a toddler mom in my school told me that she used a pacifier fairy to take away pacifiers from her twins.
Gurumommy: Is that what it takes? Because if so, we’re way beyond fairies in my house!
Cindy:  The question isn’t really when, rather it’s is why do we worry about the pacifier (of blankies)?  Imagine someone taking giving you a comfort item, say your blackberry and then when you need it most, taking it away!
Gurumommy: Yes, but I don’t cry when you take it away or use it to comfort me when I am sad.
Cindy:  Exactly, and that’s why these items are so much more important to children, no matter how old.  We all need and crave comfort. Who is to judge when our need for comfort is excessive? Why do we give a child a pacifier if we are going to take it away? Really the only time to be concerned is if she is withdrawn, antisocial, or chronically choosing to suck instead of beginning to coo or communicate, there may be cause for concern.
Gurumommy:  Great so I can send my 10 year old to overnight camp with her blankie!

Cindy:  Yes & my 2 children took theirs to college as did many of their friends.

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